Volunteer Applications

Volunteer Applications will be made available online beginning in March of 2020. You will be able to complete and submit them directly from our website.


If you have applied for camp already, visit our Accepted Volunteer Page for more information about camp.  If you have not received an acceptance letter by June 1st, please email us at camp.rainbow.trenton@gmail.com

Camp will open Friday, June 12th with enrollment of the staff at 3pm. All staff members are expected to help set up camp on Friday. A training session will be held on Friday afternoon or evening after we get camp set up. It is important that everyone working at camp attend the training session on Friday.

The last session of campers will be released at 10 o'clock Sunday (JUNE 21st) morning. Staff members are expected to help break camp Sunday afternoon, as we must be out of camp by 2:00pm. You are paid no money, but we do feel that you will benefit greatly.  This will be the 60th year for Camp Rainbow. A great deal of work and tradition of unselfish giving have made it possible.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete the application above. Feel free to email camp.rainbow.trenton@gmail.com with any questions you may have. 

There are several positions you can volunteer in, and I'm sure we can find the perfect match for your specific gifts and talents!  Check out the job descriptions below to better decide where you want to serve. 


Staff Positions


You get to work with other staff members including a Cabin Leader working with campers on daily living skills, daily activities and being a part of cabin life. You will be assigned 1-2 campers that you will be with at all times and help at each activity.


You get to assist with sports activities in the morning and afternoon. These activities include kickball, basketball, and water games. You will also get to help put on our annual Special Olympic event. When you are not helping with recreation you get to assist your cabin with other activities.

Kitchen Staff

You get to assist with preparing the meals each day, and clean up after each meal. In between meals you will have some free time, and are allowed to help in crafts or recreation. You will reside in staff cabin..


You get to assist the campers in making crafts throughout the day. You will also set up crafts at the beginning of the day and clean up and organize them at the end of the day. When not at crafts, you will assist with cabin life. 


You must have a lifeguard certification from a valid organization such as the Red Cross or equivalent to. You will supervise waterfront activities and participate in all camp activities. When you are not swimming, you will assist with campers in your cabin.

How to Volunteer:

You can email your address to camp.rainbow.trenton@gmail.com to be placed on our maling list.  Applications will also be on our website in March.

You can find more information about volunteering on the Accepted Volunteer page.