Volunteer Details


You must fill out an application to volunteer with Camp Rainbow. If you haven’t filled out an application, we will not hold a spot for you. If you filled out an application but have not received a response, please email us at camp.rainbow.trenton@gmail.com

Also if you haven't yet filled out an application to volunteer, you can find the form here to submit it online.

Camp Rainbow will be held this year at Crowder State Park Group camping facility near Trenton, MO. Each cabin will house 19 campers and staff, and is the dormitory type, with showers and restrooms in each cabin. Camp will open with enrollment of the staff on Friday, June 12th.

This schedule for opening day is available below. ​Please do not arrive before 3pm as we may not have your cabin ready to move in. All staff members are expected to help set up camp on Friday. A training session will be held on Friday evening after we get camp set up.  It is important that everyone working at camp attend the training session on Friday.

You will need sport clothing that is comfortable. Each person must bring his own bedding, towels, soap, etc. Do not bring valuable jewelry, iPads, or other electronics. Any items you bring for the campers to use must be well marked. For the safety of the camper, all personal medication or vitamins that you bring will need to be clearly labeled and must be given to the camp nurse. You will have access to your medication whenever needed. A packing list is available below. 

The last session of campers will be released at 10 o’clock Sunday morning (June 21st). Staff members are expected to help break camp Sunday afternoon, as we must be out of camp by 2:00pm.

​This will be the 61st year for Camp Rainbow.  A great deal of work and tradition of unselfish giving have made it possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to email. If you learn at the last moment you cannot work, please notify Jillian Liu (816.390.6855) immediately. We maintain a list of extra applications to fill last minute vacancies. We need to know if you are not available—even if this happens the day Camp Rainbow opens.